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Food processor "Vikhr premium"

The food processor is a universal device that combines the various functions of several electrical appliances. Due to its multifunctionality and compactness is the best assistant in the kitchen for any hostess.

Range Overview

Using different attachments of the food processor "Vihr Premium" you will be able to:

-to beat up from whisk the  air mass for cakes, puddings, mousses, whipped cream or egg albumen;

-to knead dough of different consistency with the help of two kneading hooks;

-to grind and mix ingredients: working as a normal blender can mix ingredients for soups, sauces, make air creams for dessert, whisk cocktails, indispensable in the preparation of dietary, medical and baby food;

-to cook airy mashed potatoes from boiled vegetables;

-to chop and wipe vegetables and fruits, grate hash brown potatoes;

-to cook homemade mayonnaise;

-to grind coffee, cereals.


Technical characteristics

Rated power 160 W
Rated Voltage 220 V
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Weight no more than 3,0 kg
Number of replaceable disks for vegetable stitching 4
Capacity for vegetable and salad kneading  +
Kneader  (2 pcs.) +
Nozzles-whiskers (2 pcs.) +
Nozzles-mallets  (1 pc.) +
High-speed shaft attachment (blender) +
Knife to the shaft  +
Nozzle-coffee grinder  +



Wholesale trade:

Sales department in the Republic of Belarus, tel. + 375 17 293 97 25;

Export department, tel. + 375 17 293 99 28.